Freight Management

Cost-Effective Freight Management Outsourcing


Using our proven freight transportation management approach and our knowledge of industry best practices, we can optimize the value of your freight expenditures in all areas. And, if you have a private truck fleet, we'll work to make sure it's delivering the greatest benefits to your company. Our proven Freight Management approach has produced millions of dollars in freight savings for our clients, and we can do the same for your company.


We'll start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your company's freight activities, your service needs, your freight costs and the carriers you use. We'll then compare these factors to industry freight benchmarking standards and best practices to find the segments of your freight transportation operations that can lead directly to cost savings and service improvements. You'll get a strategic freight management plan designed to deliver positive results that will go straight to your company's bottom line.


Full or Partial Freight Management


MFS offers a comprehensive approach to Freight Management adapted to your needs. We can take on the task of managing all or part of your freight shipping operations, either on-site or off-site, performing functional responsibilities for shipping, loss and damage prevention, claims, shipment expediting, and service quality



If you use for- hire carriers


We'll incorporate freight cost benchmarking, carrier selection, and rate negotiation techniques to assure that you get the best rates available and the service quality you need.


If you have your own fleet


We'll conduct an evaluation of the costs and benefits of your existing or proposed private truck freight shipping operations so you'll know that benefits your fleet provides. If you don't have a private fleet, we can tell you if having one makes sense for your company.